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Enneagram Type 7 Descriptions: Sample Interpretations

Enneagram type 7 names

Enneagram type 7 names and descriptions vary between different authors, teachers, and schools of the Enneagram types. Two common names are The Enthusiast and The Epicure.

The descriptions for Enneagram type 7 in books and on the Internet often emphasize a particular school's interpretation or borrow elements from various interpretations. Although these descriptions of type 7 can be similar in many ways, there can also be differences.

Below are samplings from some of the more popular interpretations. Click on the sources after the descriptions to further explore these interpretations.

The Enthusiast, The Busy, Fun-Loving Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Acquisitive, and Scattered

Basic Fear: Of being deprived and trapped in pain1

Basic Desire:  To be happy, satisfied, to find fulfillment1

Basic Proposition: You can avoid pain and frustration by inventing options, opportunities and adventures.2

Strengths: Adventurous, playful, imaginative, energetic, optimistic, quick-thinking2

Challenges: Self-absorbed, dispersed, uncommitted, impatient, unrealistic2

Energy goes into: Enjoying and experiencing life to its fullest. Keeping options open and life upbeat. Using my active imagination. Being liked by being charming and disarming. Maintaining a privileged position.3

The Enthusiast: Fun, spontaneous and adventurous, they are motivated by a need to be happy, to plan stimulating experiences and to avoid pain.4

Adventurers are energetic, lively, and optimistic. They want to contrigute to the world.5

Focus of Attention: Sevens avoid unpleasant feelings by focusing on what feels pleasant and by keeping the mood upbeat to the point of reframing negatives into positives. A fear of being trapped in discomfort fuels quick thinking, creative problem-solving, and a focus on positive future possibilities.6


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