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Determines Basic Type, Candidate Types, Preferred Wings, Tri-Center (aka trifix, tritype)

Free Online Personality Tests: Big-5, Myers-Briggs

Personality type tests are nowhere near 100% accurate but they can be used as a starting point for suggesting your type and its variations. It's up to you to further explore the results to see how well they fit.

Below are some free online tests. Click on any test title to take an Enneagram test or personality test. They require no email or registration, and you can take them as many times as you like.

We've also recently created a companion site called that can help you find your Enneagram type and its variations using many more tests available elsewhere on the Internet.

Miscellaneous Personality Tests

Below are links to some non-Enneagram type and trait tests offered at other websites.

  • Big 5 Personality Tests
    40+ Free Big 5 Trait and Subtrait Tests.
    Take a test on multiple traits/subtraits or individual traits/subtraits.

  • Free Myers Briggs Type Tests
    Free alternatives to the MBTI.
    Open Extended Jungian Type Scales (OEJTS) and the Big 5 / Myers-Briggs Correlation Test

Click here to see a complete list of tests available from this website.

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