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Guide to the Enneagram Personality Types: The nine Enneagram types

Enneagram with Arrows

The Nine Enneagram Personality Types

Although the Enneagram types are referred to as personality types, they don't describe personality directly. They describe something underneath personality that has a strong influence on it.

This is variously referred to as a habit of attention, a basic fear and desire, a worldview, a trance, a motivation, etc., but let's just call it a core focus.

Each Enneagram type orginates from an initial self-belief and a compensation for that belief which develops into a broader core focus.

Although the core focus has a strong influence on personality, there are many other influences that have little to do with Enneagram type (e.g., values, beliefs, cultural and family influences, life experiences, etc.).

Because of this, Enneagram type can't absolutely describe personality but only suggest possible ways this core focus might play out through personality.

In other words, it won't play out exactly the same way even when two individuals identify with the same type.

If you don't take this into account when reading Enneagram type descriptions not only might you have trouble identifying your Enneagram type but you can easily fall into stereotyping people.

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  • Enneagram type 1
    I am unacceptable as I am. I must monitor, correct, and improve myself in order to be acceptable and remain above criticism.
  • Enneagram type 2
    I am unappreciated as I am. I must find appreciation from and connection to people by responding to their needs and desires.
  • Enneagram type 3
    I am not valued as I am. I must become accomplished and prove myself to gain value and regard in the eyes of others.
  • Enneagram type 4
    I am lacking as I am. I must find and cultivate what's authentic and uniquely special about myself to stand out from the ordinary.
  • Enneagram type 5
    I am uninformed as I am. I must objectively observe the world as it is in order to clearly make sense of and navigate it.
  • Enneagram type 6
    I am uncertain as I am. I must search for someone or something that I can depend on that provides the assurance to move forward.
  • Enneagram type 7
    I am not satisfied as I am. I must stay open to exciting possibilities that may become available in life and avoid limitations on my pursuits.
  • Enneagram type 8
    I am disempowered as I am. I must be direct in going after what I want and stand strong against being controlled or taken advantage of.
  • Enneagram type 9
    I am not in unity as I am. I must accommodate others' agenda and opinions in order to feel at ease and in harmony with them.

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