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Guide to the Enneagram Personality Types: The symbol / diagram

Enneagram with Arrows

Enneagram Symbol / Diagram

Although when someone mentions the word Enneagram they're usually referring to the personality types in some way, the Enneagram is actually the symbol or diagram upon which the types are placed.

The symbol wasn't originally used with personality types. It was originally used by Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way .

The Fourth Way use of the symbol is incompatible with the personality types. To apply this use of the symbol to understanding the types creates unnecessary complications and confusion.

To avoid this confusion it helps to see exactly how the types use the Enneagram symbol, or Enneagram diagram as it's also called.

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  • Enneagram Numbers
    The Enneagram numbers are used to reference the nine personality types and place them on the Enneagram symbol.
  • Enneagram Circle
    Commonalities and influences between the types are explored by their relative position to one another around the circle.
  • Enneagram Arrows and Lines
    The lines connect each type to two other types. The arrows imply different movements between these two types.
  • Enneagram Triads
    Triads group the nine types into three groups of three to explore commonalities found within each grouping.

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  • how the types use the Enneagram symbol

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