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Free Ennneagram Personality Test: type, wing, instinct, tritype

The Enneagram

Enneagram Personality Tests

Enneagram personality tests are not really tests in the usual sense. What they do is help the test taker narrow down which Enneagram personality types and variations seem to be the best fit, determining the most likely candidate or a ranked list of candidates.

They often do this by focusing only on the most important core elements, contrasting the differences between types or variants using these core elements, then forcing the test taker to make choices between these contrasted differences.

Enneagram personality tests are nowhere near 100% accurate but they can be used as a starting point for determining your type. You'll need to follow up by further exploring the types and variations that the test has determined for you. You can also use tests specifically designed to help you with this follow up.

Below are free online tests currently available from this site. Click on any test to get more info about the test and take the test.

Enneagram Type Test

Enneagram types

Enneagram Type Preference Test
Determine your likely type and list alternate possibilities.
Uses forced-choice questions, similar to the approach used by the
Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indictor (RHETI).

Enneagram Type Comparison Test
Compare two types to see which is the better fit.
Use when you've narrowed your type down to two or three possibilities.

Enneagram Wing Test

Enneagram wings

Enneagram Type with Wing Test
Determine your most likely type and preferred wing.
Very short test using paragraphs, similar to the approach used by the
Essential Enneagram Test as found in The Essential Enneagram book.

Enneagram Type Preference Test
Lists scores for all nine types including wing types.
Uses forced-choice questions, similar to the approach used by the
Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indictor (RHETI).

Enneagram Wing Comparison Test
Determines your wing from a given type.
Use when you know your type but not your preferred wing.

Enneagram Instinct Test


Enneagram instincts

Instinctual Subtype Comparison Test
Determine your instinctual subtype for a given type.
Use when you know your type and want to find your instinctual subtype.

Instinctual Variant Stacking Test
Determine your instinctual variant stacking or preference.
Use when you want to know your instinctual preference independent of type.


Enneagram Tritype Test


Enneagram Tritype

Dominant Type in Each Center with Wings Test
Determines your dominant type in each center and the wing for each of those types.
Use when you want to know your tritype or tritype with wings.

Center Type Comparison Test
Determine your dominant type within a given center.
Use when you don't know one of the types in your tritype.

Type Comparison Test
Compares any two types to determine which fits better.
Use when unsure of your tritype order or which type is preferred for a center.


Miscellaneous Personality Tests

Big 5 Personality Tests
40+ Free Big 5 Trait and Subtrait Tests.
Take a test on multiple traits/subtraits or individual traits/subtraits.

Free Myers Briggs Type Test
A free alternative to the MBTI.
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