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Enneagram wings test - comparing the wings of a type

The Wings

The tests linked below compare the two wings of an Enneagram type to find which wing is preferred.

You should already know your primary or basic type before taking these tests. If not, then you can take the Enneagram type preference test or the Enneagram type with wing test. Both tests will suggest your type and preferred wing.

Click an Enneagram type below to take a test comparing the wings for that type.

Type 1 Wings (1w9 and 1w2)
Type 2 Wings (2w1 and 2w3)
Type 3 Wings (3w2 and 3w4)
Type 4 Wings (4w3 and 4w5)
Type 5 Wings (5w4 and 5w6)
Type 6 Wings (6w5 and 6w7)
Type 7 Wings (7w6 and 7w8)
Type 8 Wings (8w7 and 8w9)
Type 9 Wings (9w8 and 9w1)

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