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Enneagram Type 4 Descriptions: Sample Interpretations

Enneagram type 4 names

Enneagram type 4 names and descriptions vary between different authors, teachers, and schools of the Enneagram types. Two common names are The Romantic and The Individualist.

The descriptions for Enneagram type 4 in books and on the Internet often emphasize a particular school's interpretation or borrow elements from various interpretations. Although these descriptions of type 4 can be similar in many ways, there can also be differences.

Below are samplings from some of the more popular interpretations. Click on the sources after the descriptions to further explore these interpretations.

The Individualist, The Sensitive, Withdrawn Type: Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental1

Basic Fear: Of having no identity, no personal significance1

Basic Desire:  To find themselves and their significance, to create an identity out or their inner experience1

Basic Proposition: You will feel loved, whole and complete if you can find the ideal love or perfect circumstance.2

Strengths: Creative, empathetic, idealistic, capable of emotional depth, compassion2

Challenges: Moody, withdrawn, self-absorbed, over-sensitive, demanding, unsatisfied with what is2

Energy goes into: A range of intense feelings associated with what seems to be missing or lacking in my life. Finding love, meaning, and fulfillment through self-expression and deep connection. Endeavoring to be a unique individual.3

The Romantic: Creative, sensitive and moody, they are motivated by a need to be understood, experience their oversized feelings and avoid being ordinary.4

Romantics have sensitive feelings and are warm and perceptive.5

Focus of Attention: Fours focus attention on their own feelings, the feelings of others, and interpersonal connection and disconnection. They feel a sense of deficiency about their own worth, so they seek idealized experiences of qualities they perceive as outside themselves.6


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