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Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Holy Ideas

Enneagram Holy Ideas

What is an Enneagram holy idea?

  • Each Enneagram type is said to have a mental fixation that creates limitations in being. The corresponding holy idea helps us wake up from a particular fixation.

What are the Enneagram holy ideas?

  • The Enneagram holy ideas are: 1-Holy Perfection, 2-Holy Freedom, 3-Holy Hope, 4-Holy Originality, 5-Holy Omniscience, 6-Holy Faith, 7-Holy Work, 8-Holy Truth, and 9-Holy Love.

What is the Enneagram 1 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 1 holy idea of Holy Perfection is about discovering the perfection of the world as it is instead of trying to impose your own set of standards upon it.

What is the Enneagram 2 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 2 holy idea of Holy Freedom is taking care of your own needs so that you can freely give to others without expecting anything in return.

What is the Enneagram 3 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 3 holy idea of Holy Hope is finding intrinsic value in just being rather than needing affirmation and validation through your accomplishments.

What is the Enneagram 4 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 4 holy idea of Holy Originality involves accepting the common and ordinary in life instead of disdaining it in favor of the unique and special.

What is the Enneagram 5 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 5 holy idea of Holy Omniscience requires participating in life to gain a more complete understanding than can be had by simply observing it.

What is the Enneagram 6 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 6 holy idea of Holy Faith is trusting in yourself and others that you can navigate life in spite of the doubts and questions you may have.

What is the Enneagram 7 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 7 holy idea of Holy Work is following through in the present on what seems uncomfortable or difficult but leads to a deeper satisfaction and joy.

What is the Enneagram 8 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 8 holy idea of Holy Truth is knowing that each person has their own truth to live by and often it won't be the same truth that seems so obvious to you.

What is the Enneagram 9 holy idea?

  • The Enneagram type 9 holy idea of Holy Love is realizing that love comes to you not by negating yourself for the sake of others but by discovering and pursuing your own path.

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