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Ego-Cow: The roots of Enneagram personality type 6

Type 6 Ego: Ego-Cow


The roots of the Enneagram types come from Oscar Ichazo's ego types. The ego types identified how a person was fixated in ego and the remedy for finding freedom from that.

Below are descriptions of Oscar Ichazo's ego type 6 fixation, trap, holy idea, passion, and virtue reinterpreted for today's Enneagram personality types.

  • Type 6 Fixation and Trap

    Fixation: Cowardice comes from waiting for something or someone to alleviate doubt before taking action.

    Trap: Security requires constant scanning for potential dangers and problems in order to be prepared.

    The fixation of cowardice points to the mental preoccupation of the type 6 ego. The trap of security keeps an individual stuck in the fixation.

  • Type 6 Holy Idea

    Holy Idea: Holy Faith is trusting in yourself and others that you can navigate life in spite of the doubts and questions you may have.

    The fixation of cowardice and trap of security keep an individual stuck in the type 6 fixation. The way out of that fixation is through holy faith.

  • Type 6 Passion

    Passion: Fear arises from a sense of uncertainty and doubt within. "I scan others and the world around me to locate dangers and find something to reassure me."

    The passion of fear is the emotional energy that serves the fixation of cowardice and trap of security.

  • Type 6 Virtue

    Virtue: Courage appears when you step into action as circumstances dictate in spite of any lingering doubts or fears that you may have about doing so.

    The virtue of courage is what appears when the passion of fear subsides.

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