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Enneagram Type 7 Ego: Oscar Ichazo's Ego-Plan


Enneagram type 7 originated from Oscar Ichazo's ego-plan which consisted of the fixation of planning, trap of idealism, holy idea of holy work, passion of gluttony, and virtue of sobriety.

Type 7 Ego: Ego-Plan

Below are descriptions of Oscar Ichazo's ego type 7 fixation, trap, holy idea, passion, and virtue reinterpreted for today's personality types.

Type 7 Fixation and Trap

Fixation: Planning is about looking forward to many exciting possibilities and a way to fit them all into one's life.

Trap: Idealism that is enthused about what's possible but moves on when the feeling wanes.

The fixation points to the mental preoccupation of the ego and the trap seems like the way out but keeps the individual stuck in the fixation. 

Type 7 Holy Idea

Holy Idea: Holy work is following through in the present on what seems uncomfortable or difficult but leads to a deeper satisfaction and joy.

The holy idea is the actual way out of the ego fixation.

Type 7 Passion

Passion: Gluttony of the mind is the pull felt toward interesting possibilities. Why get mired in boredom or discomfort when pleasurable alternatives are available?

The passion is the emotional energy that serves the fixation and trap.

Type 7 Virtue

Virtue: Sobriety appears when you see endeavors through to the end instead of moving on to something easier and more interesting than what's at hand.

The virtue is what appears when the passion subsides.

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