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What is my Enneagram tritype?

Enneagram Tritype

Tritype uses three Enneagram types to explore your personality. It's not used by all schools or teachers of the Enneagram, only those following the work of Katherine Fauvre. Although not part of the original Tritype® teachings, tritype with wings has become popular with people exploring the Enneagram types on the Internet.

Because tritype involves a more complex understanding of Enneagram type, you may want to put off exploring it until you've explored your Enneagram type and wing first. The links below can get you started exploring type and wing.

If you still want to explore tritype then let's first discuss finding tritype then how to add the wings.

Finding tritype

Basically there are two components to determining your tritype.

  1. finding your dominant type in each of the three centers
  2. finding your order of preference for those three types

If you already know your primary or basic Enneagram type then you already know the dominant type in one of the centers and the first type in your order of preference.

For example, if type 1 is your Enneagram type then type 1 is the dominant type for the gut or body-based center and the first type in your tritype. You would then need to determine which is your dominant type for the head center and which for the heart center. You'd also need to determine which of those two comes 2nd and which comes 3rd in your tritype.

Finding dominant type in each center

Finding dominant type involves comparing the three types in a center (e.g., types 8, 9, and 1 in the gut or body-based center). You need to do this three times, one for each center (i.e., compare the 8, 9, and 1; the 2, 3, and 4; and the 5, 6, and 7).

While it's easiest to find the dominant type in the first center (i.e., the one of your basic or primary type), people often have difficulty finding the dominant type in one or both of the other two centers. I've created a test that compares just the types in a given center to help you find your dominant type for any one center.

Finding the order of the types

For the three types that make up your tritype, your basic or primary Enneagram type will be the 1st type or most preferred of the three.

The two other types will be the 2nd and 3rd types of your tritype. These two types can sometimes be difficult to place as to which is 2nd and which is 3rd. The type comparison test on this website can help you decide.

Adding wings to your tritype

Your primary or basic Enneagram type can have one of two wings. The same is true for each of the three types in your tritype. When wings are added to your tritype you no longer simply have three types but three types with wings.

As an example, your tritype might be 1-4-6. Adding preferred wings to each of those types might result in 1w2-4w5-6w7.

Even though a wing might be in a different center than the basic type, it doesn't mean the wing type is your dominant type for that center. The preferred wing is just a variation or subtype of the basic type.

In the previous example of the 1w2-4w5-6w7 tritype, 4w5 is the dominant type in the heart center and 6w7 is the dominant type in the head center. While both types 5 and 6 are in the head center, the 5 wing simply identifies a particular variation of type 4; it has nothing to do with which type is dominant in the head center.

Taking tests to find your tritype

There are a number of tests available on this website to help you with finding your tritype or tritype with wings. Which test to take just depends on what you're trying to find.

Which part of tritype are you trying to find?

Determining Enneagram Type and its Variations

This is one of many pages available on this website that help you determine your basic or primary type, your preferred wing, your instinctual subtype, your instinctual variant stacking, and your tritype. To get help finding the various aspects of type visit the Enneagram typing page.

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