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Determines Basic Type, Candidate Types, Preferred Wings, Tri-Center (aka trifix, tritype)

Enneagram Test Analysis: Interpreting the Type Scores

There are many free Enneagram tests available online but it not always clear what the test results mean?

Most tests identify your likely primary or basic type. However, there are other things that can be determined and explored as well if the results produce scores for all nine types.

  • alternate candidates for your type
  • preferred wing types
  • dominant gut/body type
  • dominant heart type
  • dominant head type
  • tri-center and tri-center with wings

The form below allows you to analyze the results of any Enneagram test that provides scores for all nine Enneagram types. The analysis not only determines and explains your type and its variations but also provides links to further explore those things and more.

If you have taken an Enneagram test that resulted in scores for all nine types then simply enter the scores below and click Submit Test Scores.

If you don't have any test scores to use then you can choose a free compatible test from a list by clicking here. After taking one of the tests simply come back to this page to enter the nine type scores and click Submit Test Scores.

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