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What Enneagram type am I?

Enneagram types

In order to determine your Enneagram type, it helps to get a good grasp on what an Enneagram type is exactly.

An Enneagram type isn't simply a list of personality characteristics and behaviors. Instead, it looks to where those characteristics and behaviors are coming from. In other words, an Enneagram type represents one of nine different ways that a person might interpret and approach life. "Your Enneagram type" is that approach which you tend to rely on and use most often.

While some people can figure out their Enneagram type by simply reading descriptions of the types, others can have difficulty because no single type stands out for them. They either see themselves in more than one type or they don't see themselves in any type. This difficulty can arise both from the descriptions they're reading and the fact that no one is really a single type.

No two type descriptions are the same

There are as many interpretations of the Enneagram types as there are people teaching, writing, and learning about the types. Sometimes there are subtle differences between these descriptions, sometimes not so subtle.

If you read descriptions that describe the types in terms of personality characteristics and behavior alone then you may be missing out on what the types are really about. You may also have trouble narrowing down your type. Different types can exhibit the same behavior. Enneagram type is about where that behavior is coming 

You are not really a single Enneagram type

While you might hear mentioned once in a while that you're really all nine types, more often the emphasis turns to which one of the types you are.

The problem is that you're not really a single type. You have aspects of all nine types to greater and lesser degrees. When you look for "your type" you're looking for which one is used to a greater degree than the rest. As such, it's not surprising that you'd see yourself in more than one type and no single type.

What a good Enneagram test does for you

A good Enneagram test does at least two things for you.

  1. It gets to what's most important about each type, making distinctions between the types more clear.
  2. It compares the types to one another, forcing you to choose which type is the better fit for you.

Enneagram tests can't definitively tell you "your type." They can only suggest which type or types are your likely type. It's up to you to validate that the result is the best fit for you.

What point are you at in finding your type?

If you've read type descriptions that are about more than behavior and can't find your type then you might be in one of two places.

  1. You have already narrowed down your potential type to two or three candidates (in which case you could just compare those types).
  2. You have not narrowed down the possibilities (in which case a good test can help you narrow down your type to one or more candidates).

Have you narrowed your type down to two or three possibilities?

Determining Enneagram Type and its Variations

This is one of many pages available on this website that help you determine your basic or primary type, your preferred wing, your instinctual subtype, your instinctual variant stacking, and your tritype. To get help finding the various aspects of type visit the Enneagram typing page.

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