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Enneagram Type 9 Center of Intelligence: Gut or Anger Triad

Gut/Body-Based Center

Type 9 Gut/Body-Based Center

Type 9 is located in the 891 triad which is often described as the gut or body-based center. The gut or body types may be described in terms of sensory-somatic (bodily felt sensation), sensory-motor (physical movement and activity), or instinctual (gut decision making).

Type 9 often seeks physical comfort and routine. There can be an inertia when it comes to physical activity. When at rest they tend to stay at rest and when moving they tend to maintain that movement. In other words, they may stubbornly resist doing what they don't want to and fall into routines which they dislike having interrupted. They often have difficulty setting and following through on personal goals. Instead, there can be a tendency to get carried along on the energy and agenda of others. 

Type 9 Anger

Types 8, 9, and 1 may also be referred to as anger types, with anger being an energy that pushes against obstacles getting in the way of what's wanted.

Type 9 is said to fall asleep to their anger. Because they generally don't have a strong personal agenda, they tend to simply go along to get along instead of making an effort to overcome obstacles in pursuit of a goal. However, they can push back in resistance, through a stubbornness or passive-aggressiveness, when they are confronted to do something they don't want to.

Type 9 Behavioral Center

The core focus approach to the Enneagram types labels the 891 triad as the Behavioral Center and more clearly differentiates how types 8, 9, and 1 use that center.

  • Type 8: Behavioral Assertiveness - pushes through obstacles to get what's wanted.
  • Type 9: Behavioral Accommodation - yields to or joins in with the flow of movement.
  • Type 1: Behavioral Correctness - discerns right from wrong and acts accordingly.

You can take a test comparing the three gut types here.

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