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Enneagram Type 6 Wings: 5-wing (6w5) and 7-wing (6w7)

Type 6 Wings


The wings are represented by the numbers on either side of a given type as seen on the Enneagram symbol or diagram. These types are said to have an additional influence upon the type being looked at. The wing types for type 6 are type 5 and type 7.

Although type 6 is influenced by both wings, an individual will generally be influenced more by one of the wings than the other. The wing with more influence is said to be the preferred or dominant wing.

Type 6 wing 5 (6w5) - preferred 5 wing
Common Name: The Defender

  • more contrary and serious
  • more dutiful and responsible
  • more anti-authoritarian and reactionary

Type 6 wing 7 (6w7) - preferred 7 wing
Common Name: The Buddy

  • more self-deprecating and disarming
  • more dependent upon others
  • more eager to be liked and have fun

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