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Enneagram Type 2 Center of Intelligence: Heart or Shame Triad

Heart/Heart-Based Center

Type 2 Heart Center

Type 2 is located in the 234 triad which is often described as the heart center. The heart types are focused on interpreting, expressing, and reacting to one’s own emotions or the emotions of others.

Type 2 pays attention to the needs and desires of others along with their emotional states. They also can be very emotionally seductive in an effort to pull people closer to them or to manipulate others into giving them the response they desire. Because type 2 reads and expresses the emotional cues underlying the words being said, there can be a sense of knowing what someone is feeling even when it contradicts what the other person is saying.

Type 2 Shame

Types 2, 3, and 4 may also be referred to as shame types, where shame can be thought of as a feeling of deficiency for not living up to a more idealized sense of self.

Type 2 shame can arise when they are thought of as selfish, unlovable, unwanted, and unimportant in the lives of significant others. They want to be perceived as selflessly giving and caring as well as lovable and often have an unconscious need to be needed by others.

Type 2 Emotional Center

The core focus approach labels the 234 triad as the Emotional Center and more clearly differentiates how types 2, 3, and 4 use that center.

  • Type 2: Emotional Attentiveness - connects to others through emotional empathy.
  • Type 3: Emotional Affirmation - finds validation through achievement and recognition.
  • Type 4: Emotional Authenticity - expresses what feels true and real for oneself.

You can take a test comparing the three heart types here.

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