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Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Passions

Enneagram Passions

What is an Enneagram passion?

  • Each Enneagram type is said to have a mental fixation that creates limitations in being. The Enneagram passion is the emotional energy that supports that fixation.

What are the Enneagram passions?

  • The Enneagram passions are: 1-Anger, 2-Pride, 3-Deceit, 4-Envy, 5-Avarice, 6-Fear, 7-Gluttony, 8-Excess, and 9-Laziness.

What is the Enneagram 1 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 1 passion of Anger is an energy that corrects and improves what's unacceptable. "It's primarily directed at myself and secondarily at others and the world at large."

What is the Enneagram 2 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 2 passion of Pride is an inflated feeling of self-importance in the lives of others. "Others need me because I uniquely understand and can meet their needs and desires."

What is the Enneagram 3 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 3 passion of Deceit involves taking on a persona that appeals to an intended audience. "I have difficulty knowing who I am separate from the image I'm presenting."

What is the Enneagram 4 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 4 passion of Envy is a one-sided comparison between the positives of others and the negatives of oneself. "What's lacking in me that I don't have what they have?"

What is the Enneagram 5 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 5 passion of Avarice is a hoarding of resources and minimizing of needs in order to avoid intrusions. "I can avoid entanglements by managing my resources."

What is the Enneagram 6 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 6 passion of Fear arises from a sense of uncertainty and doubt within. "I scan others and the world around me to locate dangers and find something to reassure me."

What is the Enneagram 7 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 7 passion of Gluttony of the mind is the pull felt toward interesting possibilities. "Why get mired in boredom or discomfort when pleasurable alternatives are available?"

What is the Enneagram 8 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 8 passion of Excess of expansive energy that needs to be released through activity and expression. "This energy feels natural for me but I may have to sit on it when others find it too much."

What is the Enneagram 9 passion?

  • The Enneagram type 9 passion of Laziness is a difficulty with defining and accomplishing goals. "I tend to go along with what others are doing and lose myself in routine and comfort."

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