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Enneagram center type test to find your gut, heart, or head type

Enneagram Centers

When you know your primary Enneagram type, you know your primary center of intelligence because each type is shown in its center on the symbol.

However, some Enneagram concepts refer to a dominant type in each center (e.g., tritype). This necessitates that you not only find your primary type but your dominant type in the other two centers as well.

While you could take an Enneagram tritype test to find all three dominant types,  you may only need to find your dominant type in one or two other centers and not all three centers.

Below is a test to help you find your dominant type in a given center. Just choose which center you'd like to explore.

Free Online Ennneagram Personality Type Tests

This test is one of many free Enneagram tests available on this website. To explore other tests available visit the Enneagram personality tests page.

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