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Enneagram Type 5 Subtypes: SP 5, SX 5, and SO 5

Type 5 Instinctual Subtypes

The instincts of the Enneagram types are self-preservation (sp), sexual (sx), and social (so). They are traditionally used to define three instinctual subtypes or variations of a basic type (e.g., SP 5, SX 5, and SO 5). One of these three subtypes is called the counter-type because it can look different from the basic type. Below are brief descriptions of the three type 5 instinctual subtypes.

SP 5 - Castle, Castle Defender: hides within “castle walls” to protect against intrusion and maintain privacy; hoards resources and minimizes needs to avoid dependency on others; observes life from a distance instead of participating in it.

SX 5 - Confidence, Confidant (counter-type): searches for someone they can trust to share their secrets with; emotionally sensitive with romantic streak; may connect to inner emotional world through artistic expression.

SO 5 - Totems, Symbols: relates to people through ideas, values, and ideals; searches for ultimate knowledge, truth, and meaning to avoid experiencing life as meaningless; obsession with ideas and the extraordinary which disconnects them from everyday issues and concerns.

While an individual may be identified with type 5 in general, that same individual may be more specifically identified with one of the three instinctual subtypes as well. 

A more recent approach to using the instincts is instinctual variant stacking which can be used independent of Enneagram type.

If you'd like to take a test to find your instinctual subtype or instinctual variant stacking then click here.

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