Enneagram type 1 personality traits: Ennea-type I - Angry Virtue

Enneagram type 1 personality traits

Enneatype I

A psychiatrist named Claudio Naranjo evolved Oscar Ichazo's ego-types into the Enneagram personality types as we use them today. Naranjo largely based the types on Ichazo's passions.

Naranjo outlined the following trait structure for type 1 (Ennea-type I) in his books Ennea-type Structures and Character and Neurosis.

  • Angry Virtue - Anger and Perfectionism

    • Anger
    • Criticality
    • Demandingness
    • Dominance
    • Perfectionism
    • Over-Control
    • Self-Criticism
    • Discipline

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