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Enneagram Type 3 Levels of Development: Psychological Health

Enneagram Levels

The Levels of Development create a vertical dimension within each Enneagram type. There are nine levels ranging from healthy (levels 1-3) to average (levels 4-6) to unhealthy (levels 7-9).

A person will operate within a range of levels (e.g., levels 2-4, levels 6-8, etc.). This range will vary throughout a lifetime. Two people of the same type will look different when they're operating from different levels.

Below are two words associated with each level for type 3 as described in the book "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

Healthy Levels

Level 1 - Inner-Directed, Authentic

Level 2 - Adaptable, Admirable

Level 3 - Goal-Oriented, Self-Improving

Average Levels

Level 4 - Success-Oriented, Performing

Level 5 - Image-Conscious, Expedient

Level 6 - Self-Promoting, Grandiose

Unhealthy Levels

Level 7 - Unprincipled, Deceptive

Level 8 - Duplicitous, Opportunistic

Level 9 - Monomaniacal, Relentless

Click here for descriptions of all nine type 3 levels. If you're not taken to the correct part of the web page when it appears then scroll down to the middle of the web page and look for the section on Levels of Development.

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