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Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 8

Enneagram Type 8

What is an Enneagram type 8?

  • An Enneagram type 8 is one of nine personality types. It is commonly called the challenger or protector. Type 8 is focused on being strong and in control so as not to be controlled, manipulated, or taken advantage of.

What negative traits does type 8 struggle with when unhealthy?

  • Enneagram type 8 can struggle with acting impulsively without concern for the consequences as well as intimidating others by being too forcefully direct and speaking bluntly.

What makes Enneagram 8 angry?

  • Enneagram type 8 pushes against a world that can unfairly take advantage the innocent and weak. They get angry when they feel someone is trying to take advantage of or manipulate them or someone they've taken under their protection.

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