Enneagram Test - Dominant Type in Each Center with Wings

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Enneagram Test - Dominant Type in Each Center with Wings

Latest test revision: January 8, 2017

This is a simple test to help you determine which Enneagram type is dominant for each center of intelligence (aka Tritype). It also helps you determine which wing is preferred for each of those dominant types (aka Tritype with wings).

The results of Enneagram tests are not definitive but best used as a starting point for you to further explore and confirm the type indentified by the test. Try on the results for fit but hold them loosely. Feel free to take the test more than once trying different choices. This will give you more types to explore in your search for which type best fits.

***Special Note***
Because the Enneagram types are mutually exclusive to some extent (each type has a built-in bias against the other types), determining the three types that make up your Tritype can be a challenge. In other words, your secondary or tertiary type may have a bias in its description against your primary type which steers you away from that choice on the test. All I can suggest is that you consider ONLY the type choices listed on the same page and try not to let the influence of a type choice from another page sway your selection.