What is the Enneagram?



The Enneagram is a symbol that's commonly used to represent nine personality types where each type is represented by one of the nine numbers on the symbol. You determine your Enneagram type by finding the type that best fits.

In addition to your Enneagram type, several concepts are often used with the types to describe subtypes or variations of type leading to more subtle distinctions for your type.

Enneagram wings


The wings are the two types on either side of your type. They create variations for each type.

One wing may have more of an influence than the other, both wings may have an equal influence, or neither wing may have much of an influence.

Enneagram instincts


The self-preservation (sp), sexual (sx), and social (so) instincts create three variations or subtypes of each type.

The instincts are also used on their own in what can be called a preferential stacking. The instinctual stacking of two people can point out both similarities and differences independent of Enneagram type.

Enneagram Tritype


Tritype sees a person in terms of three Enneagram types: one type from each of the three centers of intelligence.You still have a dominant Enneagram type but two other types from the two other centers influence and create a variation of your dominant type.