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Enneagram Tests

Enneagram personality tests are not really tests in the usual sense. What they do is help the test taker narrow down which Enneagram personality types and variations seem to be the best fit, determining the most likely candidate or a ranked list of candidates.

They often do this by focusing only on the most important core elements of type, contrasting the differences between types using these core elements, and then forcing the test taker to make choices between these contrasted differences.

Enneagram personality tests are nowhere near 100% accurate but they can be used as a starting point for determining your type. You'll need to follow up by further exploring the types and variations that the test has determined for you. Below are some simple tests to help you find that starting point. Feel free to take the tests more than once to reconsider your responses.

Enneagram types

Enneagram Test - Type Preference
This test ranks your preferences for the nine Enneagram types from most preferred to least preferred.

Two additional Type Preference tests are available here and here.

Enneagram wings

Enneagram Test - Dominant Type with Wing
This test determines your most likely Enneagram type and preferred wing based on which statements you select.

Enneagram Tritype

Enneagram Test - Dominant Type in Each Center with Wings
This test determines your most likely Tritype with wings based on which statements you select.

Enneagram instincts

Enneagram Test - Instinctual Stacking or Variant
This test determines your most likely instinctual stacking or variant based on which statements you select.