The Nine Types

Enneagram symbol

The nine Enneagram types are each represented by one of the nine numbers on the Enneagram symbol (i.e., type 1, type 2, etc.). Additionally, each type is sometimes given a label. Different labels may be used by different teachers and authors. Here are some commonly used labels for each type.

  1. The Perfectionist, The Reformer
  2. The Helper, The Giver
  3. The Achiever, The Performer
  4. The Romantic, The Individualist
  5. The Observer, The Investigator
  6. The Loyalist, The Loyal Skeptic
  7. The Enthusiast, The Epicure
  8. The Protector, The Challenger
  9. The Mediator, The Peacemaker

The nine Enneagram types are often described in terms of personality but two people of the same type don't have the same personality. They have a similar habit of focus influencing their personality. This habit of focus plays out somewhat differently for each person. As such no two people will express Enneagram type in exactly the same way.

Type Focus

The series of books being written for this website gets underneath personality to describe the core focus and internal experience of each type. From there Enneagram type can help understand what's shaping a person's way of responding and being in the world (i.e., where their personality is coming from).

Your Enneagram type is the type that most influences or shapes your personality. If you're unsure which Enneagram type that is then you can try this free test to help you get started discovering "your" type.