Quick Guide to the Enneagram Personality Types


This Quick Guide offers a brief overview of the Enneagram personality types and the system as a whole. It also provides links to useful resources. The goal is to learn enough about the types to make use of, further explore, and discuss them with others. There are three steps to this.

  1. Learn about the nine Enneagram types. The system is built on the nine types represented by the nine numbers of the symbol. Understanding and using the system begins with the nine types.
  2. Learn about the variations and the subtleties within the types. Although there are nine types there are also a number of subtypes and variations of type often described by several different concepts (e.g., wings, instincts, Tritype).
  3. Learn about the many additional concepts used with the types. These additional concepts are brought into the conversation about the Enneagram types regarding everything from their origins to making use of the symbol. If you want to keep up with that conversation, it helps to have at least a cursory understanding of these additional concepts.