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A free Enneagram test to find your tritype order

Enneagram Centers

Once you find the three types of your tritype (your dominant type in the gut, heart, and head centers) you then need to find the order of those three types (i.e., which type or center you go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd).

How to find tritype order

Your tritype will be of the form 1st-2nd-3rd.

Your 1st type will be the same as your basic or primary Enneagram type, which means the dominant types in the two other centers will be your 2nd and 3rd types in your tritype.

Use the test below to compare the last two types in your tritype to find your order of preference. Of these two types, the one you prefer most will be the 2nd type in your tritype and the remaining type will be your third type.

To begin, choose the two types then click "Submit."

Choose the first type to compare.

Choose the second type to compare.

Determining Enneagram Type and its Variations

This is one of many pages available on this website that help you determine your basic or primary type, your preferred wing, your instinctual subtype, your instinctual variant stacking, and your tritype. To get help finding the various aspects of type visit the Enneagram typing page.

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