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This site provides information and resources for the Enneagram Quick Guide and User Guide books. The Quick Guide books offer simple explanations of the types and how to use them.

Quick Guide to the Enneagram

The Enneagram personality types offer a rich system for understanding yourself and others, but it can be easy to get overwhelmed or confused by the many different interpretations and concepts associated with them. This book offers a simple three-step approach to learning everything you need to know about the types.

Ego and the Enneagram types

The Enneagram personality types were derived in large part from Oscar Ichazo's ego-types which included fixations, holy ideas, traps, passions, and virtues. Ego in this sense can be thought of the sense of "I" or "self" that gets created or cultivated in our lives. While this sense of self can be useful in our lives, it can also create self-limitations and self-deceptions.

About Enneagram tests

Enneagram tests are not accurate for everyone. They simply help narrow down the candidate types for a best fit. Each test is not only a product of how well the test was designed and constructed but also the test author's bias for understanding each type.