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Latest Site Changes


This website was originally created as a resource for a book under development titled Enneagram User Guide: Understanding and Applying the Concepts of the Enneagram Personality Types. The book is still being written and release of the first edition is planned for fall 2017.

Other projects and resources are planned along with the book. Links will be added below as the various projects progress and resources are added to the website.


About this website

This website provides resources and information related to a number of books and video classes under development. A list of these projects and related resources can be found on the home page of this website and in the books link in the top menu. The list will be updated as these projects progress. Additional Enneagram type resources can be found at Dave's Enneagram as well. 

About me

Enneagram Tests

Enneagram tests are not really tests in the usual sense. What they do is help the test taker narrow down which types might be the best fit. They often do this by cutting through wordy descriptions of type by focusing on some core elements of type, contrasting the differences between types using these core elements, and then forcing the test taker to make choices between these contrasted differences.