The Ego-Types

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The Ego-Types


Oscar Ichazo created a number of different enneagrams that together can be thought of as describing ego-types. The personality types still use five of these enneagrams: Fixations, Holy Ideas, Traps, Passions, and Virtues. Ego-Type 1 or Ego-Resent, as an example, can be understood in terms of:

  • Fixation: Resentment
  • Holy Idea: Holy Perfection
  • Trap: Perfection
  • Passion: Anger
  • Virtue: Serenity

Teachers of the personality types often try to interpret Ichazo's labels or create new ones when trying to explain how these enneagrams apply to the personality types. The problem is that the labels don't precisely match the personality types and are generally taken out of context. While Oscar Ichazo applied his enneagrams to the Arica School training, Claudio Naranjo evolved the personality types into something separate from the ego-types. This divergence of paths began in 1970 and has continued since.

A useful solution to this problem is to take the intent of the ego-types and reinterpret them through the core focus of the personality types. The result is a way to pinpoint the preoccupation and perpetuation of each ego-type along with a description of the path toward alleviating or finding some freedom from that.

More details about the ego types, Ichazo's enneagrams, and how they can be understood in terms of the core focus of each type can be found in the Enneagram User Guide series book Personality and Ego. Check the home page for the latest information about the availability of this book, other books, and related projects.

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