The Centers

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The Centers

The centers of intelligence, or simply the centers, group the nine types into three groups of three (i.e., 891, 234, and 567). Each type is said to have a preoccupation with one of the centers. 

The labeling and meaning of each center varies between teachers. Here are some common examples.

  • (891) - Gut, Body-Based, Anger, Self-Forgetting
  • (234) - Heart-Based, Shame, Image
  • (567) - Head-Based, Fear

The core focus introduced in the Enneagram User Guide book series ties each type back to the centers in the following way.

  • (891) - Behavioral Assertiveness, Accommodation, Correctness
  • (234) - Emotional Attentiveness, Affirmation, Authenticity
  • (567) - Mental Objectivity, Questioning, Anticipation

It's useful to note that although all three types in a center have a preoccupation with that center, they use the center differently.

More details about the centers can be found in the Enneagram User Guide series book Decoding the Enneagram. This book specifically discusses the centers. The other books only describe them as part of the core focus. Check the home page for the latest information about the availability of the books and related projects.

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