Enneagram User Guide

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Enneagram User Guide

The Enneagram User Guide is a series of books that introduces the core focus of the Enneagram types which is used to tie together the many additional concepts of the system. There are three books currently planned:

  • Personality and Ego: Exploring the Core Focus of the Enneagram Types
    Introduces the core focus of each Enneagram type and interprets the ego-types (fixations, holy ideas, traps, passions, and virtues) through that core focus.
  • Personality Variations: Beyond the Nine Personality Types of the Enneagram
    Expands upon the nine Enneagram types by applying concepts such as wings, instincts, and Tritype to explore variations of type.
  • Decoding the Enneagram: How to Use the Symbol with the Personality Types
    How to use the Enneagram symbol to gain insight into the types and working with concepts such as the wings, the triads, and the inner lines.

The links below provide resources for the topics covered in the book series.