Personality and Ego: Exploring the Core Focus of the Enneagram Types

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Personality and Ego: Exploring the Core Focus of the Enneagram Types

Personality and Ego: Exploring the Core Focus of the Enneagram Types


Brief Description

Personality and Ego, a book about the Enneagram personality types, explores the core focus of each type by going underneath personality to describe the internal experience that both influences our approach to life and shapes our sense of who we are.

Full Description

The Enneagram types are popularly used to describe nine types of personality, but their original purpose was to work with ego fixations. This adds a deeper level of insight and usefulness to the Enneagram types not found in other personality systems.

Personality consists of our habitual patterns of interaction with the world and our patterns of behavior, emotion, and thought in that interaction. We describe our personality and the personality of others in terms of these patterns.

Ego is the sense of self at the center of personality. It’s the experience of this is me and that is not me where I create a self that is separate from the world and others. Ego consists of the underlying assumptions and mechanisms that define and maintain this separate sense of self for me.

The goal of studying personality is to recognize and work with the patterns of our interactions with the world and others which hopefully leads to improved interactions. The goal of ego practice is to observe and see through our false sense of self and find freedom from the limitations it creates for us.

This book introduces a core focus underlying each Enneagram type. The core focus describes the internal experience of each type and how that influences personality. It also describes the ego structure of each type and how that keeps us stuck in a false sense of self.

Whether your interest in the Enneagram types is to better understand the patterns of personality and the internal experience driving that or the mechanisms that keep you stuck in a limited experience of self, this book can help you gain a deeper level of insight into both yourself and others.

An online personality test has been created specifically for this book to help readers determine Enneagram type preference. 

This is the first book in the Enneagram User Guide book series. Other books are currently planned and being written. The series introduces and uses the core focus to tie together many of the concepts associated with the Enneagram types, emphasizing a practical understanding and application of the types and the related concepts. Look for additional books in the series coming soon!



Chapter 1: A Brief History
G.I. Gurdjieff

Chapter 2: Personality
Claudio Naranjo and the Enneatypes
Enneatype Interpretaitons
Nine Types of Focus
  1: Acceptability through Behavioral Correctness
  2: Appreciation through Emotional Attentiveness
  3: Esteem through Emotional Affirmation
  4: Significance through Emotional Authenticity
  5: Comprehension through Mental Objectivity
  6: Assurance through Mental Questioning
  7: Enthusiasm through Mental Anticipation
  8: Empowerment through Behavioral Assertiveness
  9: Harmony through Behavioral Accommodation

Chapter 3: Ego
Ichazo's Enneagrams
  Enneagram of Fixations
  Enneagram of Holy Ideas
  Enneagram of Traps
  Enneagram of Passions
  Enneagram of Virtues
Nine Types of Ego
  1: Ego-Resent
  2: Ego-Flat
  3: Ego-Go
  4: Ego-Melan
  5: Ego-Stinge
  6: Ego-Cow
  7: Ego-Plan
  8: Ego-Venge
  9: Ego-In


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