Transcending Enneagram Type

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These blog posts are thoughts I have about the Enneagram types and related projects I'm working on. Many of these relate to the Enneagram User Guide series of books. If you'd like to share your thoughts about one of the blog posts then click on the discussion forum topic(s) below the full post.

Transcending Enneagram Type

I sometimes hear mention of transcending one's Enneagram type. It usually appear in two contexts: 1) someone believing they're beyond the fixation of their type, and 2) someone trying to get rid of their type.

The first most often appears when people have identified the wrong type for themselves. I notice it when the individual goes around telling others how they too can transcend that same type and then proceed to describe how. The how often gives some hint of that person's true type because they're basically prescribing another type's approach to get the person out of that type (e.g., telling type 4 to be more rational and objective and stop focusing on emotions so much). It's basically a person of one type telling a person of another type to approach life like they do, but the person saying that mistakenly believes themself to be of the same type. It often leads to a false belief that they've transcended their type when more often than not they've simply mistyped themselves. The bottom line is if you feel the issues of your type no longer effect you then there may be a good chance that you don't know the type at a deep enough level yet or those simply aren't your issues because that's not your type.

The second context for transcending type usually appears when people assume type is something negative that needs to be eliminated. Enneagram type simply describes a way of looking at and approaching life. You need this to operate in the everyday world. Without an Enneagram type, you'd have no sense of how to approach living in the world. It's because of this that I don't think transcending Enneagram type is necessary or even possible. It's more about becoming aware of and understanding how type operates in you so that it's not unconscious and automatic. In other words, you gain control over it instead of it controlling you. Enneagram type doesn't disappear.