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These blog posts are thoughts I have about the Enneagram types and related projects I'm working on. Many of these relate to the Enneagram User Guide series of books. If you'd like to share your thoughts about one of the blog posts then click on the discussion forum topic(s) below the full post.

July 2016

You are all nine Enneagram types yet only one type

In my early years of learning about the Enneagram types, book after book I read would pretty much say the same thing regarding my Enneagram type. They would make a brief mention at the beginning of the book that I'm actually all nine types, but then go on to discuss how I'm only one of the nine types. This seeming contradiction was never clearly explained in anything I read or heard about regarding the types. Since my goal from the beginning was to discover all nine types within myself, I had to come up with my own understanding that explained that contradiction.

Do the Enneagram personality types reinforce the ego?

The Enneagram personality types evolved from Oscar Ichazo's ego-types. As I understood it, the whole point of identifying a person's ego-type and fixation was so it could be remedied. The remedy for the fixation involved not only the holy idea for that type but also avoidance of the ego trap. The ego trap is contrasted with the holy idea because the trap points to the false remedy which is where most people get trapped or stuck. It's where the ego fixation gets reinforced (ego trap) rather than where it gets remedied (holy idea).