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These blog posts are thoughts I have about the Enneagram types and related projects I'm working on. Many of these relate to the Enneagram User Guide series of books. If you'd like to share your thoughts about one of the blog posts then click on the discussion forum topic(s) below the full post.

February 2016

Enneagram labels are only approximations

The labels used with the Enneagram types are only approximations to what they actually point to. In other words, they hint at something that can't be understood by the label alone. When people take the labels too literally they may not only miss what's being pointed to but may also limit themselves in exploring and understanding the types. Take the passions of type for example.

Enneagram Tests

Enneagram tests are not accurate for everyone. They simply help narrow down the candidate types for a best fit. Each test is not only a product of how well the test was designed and constructed but also the test author's bias for understanding each type (and if you haven't found out already, there are a lot of subtle and not so subtle differences in the way people interpret the Enneagram types).