Applying the Enneagram Symbol

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Although at first the Enneagram personality types can seem to simply be about nine personality types, there are many additional concepts that add to the complexity of the system. In this blog I share my experiences as I write what I hope to be a comprehensive yet easy to read book that specifically helps readers understand and apply these concepts.

Applying the Enneagram Symbol

When Oscar Ichazo placed types onto the Enneagram symbol some 50 or so years ago he began a use of the symbol that was very different from how it had been used up to that point by Gurdjieff and his followers. Unfortunately, most people studying and teaching the Enneagram personality types seem to either turn a blind eye to this difference or are simply unaware of this difference. People continue to attempt to apply the Gurdjieff use of the symbol to the Enneagram personality types. There are contradictions between how Gurdjieff used the symbol and how the types implicitly use the symbol that when explored reveal new insights into the types and expose limitations to the symbol's current use as applied to the personality types.

I spent a number of years both exploring the symbol as it commonly appears as well as a wide number of variations. While the Enneagram User Guide explores the concepts derived from the symbol, it doesn't describe how to use the symbol because that requires a book of its own (not only because of the complexity of it but also because it might only be of interest to a specific readership). So, while I'm working on the Enneagram User Guide, I'll also be working on a book which will explore using the symbol (I foresee a series of five books on the Enneagram of which these will be the first two). I've tentatively titled the book Decoding the Enneagram.

I'm finding the experience of writing two complementary books in tandem allows the creative process to flow more freely. If thoughts come about using the symbol, I don't have to stop them by telling myself that will have to wait until the first book is finished. Instead, I can simply work on the second book until those thoughts have run their course then return back to work on the first book. It also creates more complementarity between the two books as I go between them.



thanks for generous sharing of the tests, other sites are not free but you find out after you've taken the test. i find enneagram useful but still need to clarify my type, wings and the significance of the tritype - my community types me as a 6, and I tend to agree..

looking forward to your books - good luck!

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