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About this website

This website provides resources and information related to a number of books and video classes under development. A list of these projects and related resources can be found on the home page of this website and in the books link in the top menu. The list will be updated as these projects progress. Additional Enneagram type resources can be found at Dave's Enneagram as well. 

About me

I started learning about the Enneagram types in the early 1990s. The appeal to me was not simply to discover and work on my own type but to explore and develop all nine types within myself. I soon discovered that the teachings and resources available were insufficient for that purpose. So, I had to take a tangent from the traditional teachings and explore what was at the core experience of the Enneagram types on my own. This led me down a path that took me beyond what I saw as the limitations of the symbol and the traditional framework for understanding the types. That path was also one that I had to travel alone because I couldn't find anyone else exploring what I was exploring. Eventually, I developed a framework for finding the experience of each type hinted at by the traditional Enneagram types, but it no longer fit with the Enneagram symbol and associated concepts. When this new framework began revealing to me what I was after, I starting writing a book to share it with others. I was hoping to have others to explore it with so that I wouldn't have to keep doing it alone. Unfortunately, the framework was too different from the traditional Enneagram type framework which meant the book became too complex in its attempt to reconcile the two frameworks for the intended audience (i.e., those familiar with the traditional Enneagram framework). After several attempts at writing books that were less of a leap for those familiar with the Enneagram types, I realized the first book had to be one that fit what I learned back into the framework everyone was already familiar with and widely available. This first book is the Enneagram User Guide (I'm planning as well, perhaps too ambitiously, four additional books beyond this 1st one).

The Enneagram User Guide first introduces the various concepts of the Enneagram types in terms of how other authors and teachers present them. However, it goes on to clarify and simplify the concepts so they can be understood and applied more practically. Because the book attempts to be both comprehensive in its explanation of the Enneagram types as well as offering a more direct interpretation than what's available, much of the material can't simply be borrowed from what's already been written but requires a larger investment of time to offer something new. The point to the book is not simply to offer another take on what's already been written but to offer something much easier to understand and use. So, the emphasis isn't on getting it done but more on getting it right and getting it right will take however long it takes (I've found this process just won't go along with any time line I try to impose on it no matter how hard I try).