This site provides information and resources for the Enneagram personality types and more specifically for the Enneagram User Guide books. The Enneagram User Guide series of books introduce a core focus for each Enneagram type. The core focus organizes and shapes the type's view of the world and the response to that view. It's out of this core focus that various personality patterns and characteristics arise.

The first book in the series, Quick Guide to the Enneagram, provided a brief but broad overview of the Enneagram types and related concepts but has since been retired. Elements of that book have been incorporated into the Quick Guide section of this website. Three books and/or online courses are planned that are specifically about the nine types, variations of the nine types, and how the symbol and related concepts are used to explore the types.

  • Personality Profiles
    For those looking for the key personality characteristics of each of the nine types and the core focus driving those characteristics.
  • Personality Variations
    For those exploring the many variations of and influences upon the basic nine types as suggested by such concepts as the wings, instincts, Tritype, and connecting points (a.k.a. stress/security points, directions of integration/disintegration).
  • Decoding the Enneagram
    For those wishing to use the Enneagram symbol to gain further insight into the types and concepts arising from the symbol (e.g., centers of intelligence, various triadic groupings, the inner lines, etc.).

Another book originally in the series, Personality and Ego, will be rewritten and expanded as part of a more advanced series of books.